You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

What if I have bad credit?
Bad credit is no barrier to getting approved for a car loan through Wapiti Auto Sales. We can get nearly anyone approved, so complete your application today to find out what kind of a car loan we can approve you for.

Will I need a down payment?
No. For the vast majority of our transactions no down payment is required at all. That doesn't mean that it doesn't help to pay a little (or a lot) up front; any money you put down will help to reduce your payments and save you interest.

How will my credit be affected?
It's true that submitting many credit applications may take a toll on your credit rating, possibly hurting your chances of approval. But since we do business with many different lenders, our credit specialists work as brokers on your behalf. We know which lenders respond most favourably to your current credit situation, thereby reducing the number of total applications you'll need to make a healthy minimum.

What happens when I apply?
Once you send us your information and click "Apply Now," your application will be reviewed by our experts. The best credit strategy corresponding to your situation will be determined, and one of our representatives will contact you soon after to discuss the details.
Since everyone's financial standing is unique, there is no general amount we can list. To find out how much you can borrow, you will need to fill out our online application so that our experts can assess your lending liability and come up with maximum borrowing amount. Remember, this is a zero-obligation application, so it's worth finding out where you stand.