Finance Department

Finance a Used Car or Truck in Grande Prairie, Alberta

It would be nice to be able to pay for the entire balance of a new vehicle up front. But for the vast majority of drivers, that's simply not a reality. Fortunately, here at Wapiti Auto Sales we provide a flexible range of financing and car credit solutions that help customers in Alberta and Northern B.C. to afford the vehicles they need.

How our interest rates work

Sometimes banks shy away from approving car loans for used vehicles, feeling that it is a more risky transaction than financing a new car or truck. But fortunately, we don't work with just one bank-we work with six!

Once we have your pre-approval, we send it to our banks and they set an interest rate that suits their tolerance between risk and return. This allows us to shop around between the six lenders in order to bring you the best rates around for your current credit situation.

So no matter whether you have clean and stellar credit, or if you find yourself with bad credit or even no credit, we are sure to be able to find you a suitable solution. To learn more details about approving bad credit, please visit our Finance FAQ page.

Will I qualify for an auto loan?

If you need a vehicle, we are sure to be able to find a solution that works for you.

But we absolutely guarantee you will qualify if you meet these three minimum requirements:

  • 1 month on the job
  • 1 month at current residence
  • $1,400 minimum monthly income

Finance your lifted truck

It isn't just pre-owned cars and trucks that we finance. If you choose to have our service team do a custom lift job on your truck, we can roll in the cost into your financing plan, helping to split up the parts and labour costs over the length of your financing contract.